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Medical Social Services

A Medical Social Worker is a health care practitioner who can help you with different areas such as health, family and health issues. For most part, our medical social workers will be able to help you or someone you love get the access to care programs provided by the community or a specific home health agency such as St. Isabel Home Health. We work with patients, families, extended families and your physician as we provide support services.

Medical Social Services can include:

  • Group Counseling
  • Private Individual Counseling
  • Private Couples Counseling
  • Private Family Counseling
  • Rehabilitation Guidance and Support
  • Assessment for Safety at Home
  • Making arrangements for temporary foster care
  • Parent Coaching
  • Health Care Services Acquirement
  • Hospital Discharge Assistance
  • Gaining Access to Community Resources
  • Bereavement Support

Know more about how medical social services can help you or someone you know. Call us at 1-877-871-1866.