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Occupational Therapy

Everyone requires self-care skills to live effectively. However, when we are faced with an injury, an illness or a disability, caring for oneself will prove to be more of a challenge than a daily habit. This is where Occupational Therapy can help.

Occupational Therapists provide treatment for clients to adapt to a new environment, new living conditions or even a new career requiring the patient to relearn a new set of skills.

Here are the services covered in this program:
  • Education on safety awareness at home
  • Education on safety awareness at work
  • Exercise programs
  • Assistance with daily living activities
  • Energy conservation
  • Strength training and management
  • Body Mechanics
  • Relearning activities of daily living
  • Prevention of falling
  • Prevention of further injury

Talk to our case manager or intake coordinator by calling 1-877-871-1866. We can help you get started with Occupational Therapy in your home.