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Physical Therapy

With a Physical Therapist who visits your home, you can get the treatment prescribed for you by your doctor. Using medical recommendations from your physician, we will arrange a care plan which will address your therapy needs. The therapy will aim to encourage recovery, correct posture, reduce pain and enhance mobility through:

  • Pain Management
  • Orthopedics
  • Treatment for Muscle Spasms/Strains
  • Treatment for Spinal Injuries
  • Treatment for Sports Injuries
  • Treatment for Back Injuries
  • Treatment for Work-related Injuries
  • Massage
  • Exercise Programs
  • Strength Training
  • Education and Training in the use of Adaptive Equipment/Prosthetics

We will encourage your self-care skills to be exercised and become as independent as you can be through effective physical therapy. Would you like to meet with a therapist? Start the process by setting an appointment.